Meet Equinor

We're developing offshore wind around the world

Equinor is already the world’s most experienced company in floating offshore wind, and operates almost half of all floating wind power in the world. We have more than 20 years’ experience with offshore wind and supply more than 1 million households in Europe with renewable power. We are developing some of the world’s largest wind farms in Europe and the USA. Now we want to use this expertise at home.

Wind Projects1 million households

already powered by Equinor wind

1,649 GWh in 2022

 Our renewable production

12-16GW  in  2030

Our renewable capacity ambitions

The world’s largest wind farm has started production. Hopefully it’s the start of something even bigger.

We’re delighted to announce first power from Dogger Bank Wind Farm. When complete in 2026, these 277 turbines in the North Sea will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm, powering six million British homes.

We intend to be a global offshore wind energy major. Here’s how.

We’re uniquely positioned to take a leading role in this burgeoning industry. We have five decades of ocean engineering and project management expertise, in-depth knowledge of the energy markets, skilled personnel and a network of competent partners and suppliers.

We plan to reach an installed net capacity of 12-16 GW by 2030. Our total renewables portfolio has the potential to produce 35-60 TWh in 2030 — and two thirds of this production is expected to come from offshore wind.

The next decisive phase in the global transition to low carbon and renewable energy is happening now, with offshore wind at the centre of the revolution. For the energy transition to succeed, what’s needed is sheer scale: industrial and financial strength, and production capacity at a global level.

A world leader in floating wind

Floating Wind

Equinor is a global offshore wind major and the world’s leading floating offshore wind developer and operator – a position we intend to keep – being the first company in the world with a running commercial park and another in the final stages of construction.

Freeing wind power from bottom-fixed designs opens a world of new markets and opportunities. We have the experience and capabilities that are necessary to take floating offshore wind to the industrial level.

Our offshore experience from the North Sea and around the world makes us uniquely qualified to lead the way and further develop floating offshore wind. We employ a technology agnostic approach, meaning we will select the best suited floating wind technology for the given project.

We believe that floating offshore wind is the next wave in renewable energy and that it can achieve profitability by 2030 through scale and industrialization. We are seeking opportunities for floating offshore wind and are developing projects and partnerships in selected markets.